Keith Worthington

Parts Manager - Sytner Solihull BMW


Keith Worthington

How long have you worked for Sytner Group?

34 years at this dealership, which has been owned by Sytner for about 10 yrs.

How has your job changed in that time?

I started as an Apprentice Technician so quite a change over the years!

If someone wanted to work in the Parts team, what key skills would they need?

Dealing with people and knowing how to treat different people is the key, but always treat people the way you would want to be treated yourself and you can’t go wrong!

What is your favourite part of your job?

Dealing with customers and not being in meetings!?

Three words that sum up the people in your team?

Committed, fun, excellent.

If you could take one item to a desert island what would it be? 

i-Pod, got to have music.

Hidden talents?

I used to be a motorcycle trials rider in my youth.

Things you like?

Holidays in the sun.

I will never been seen without… 

my iPod!

Favourite TV programme

Phoenix Nights

Unknown fact?

I ran a British Superstock Motorcycle Race Team for 4 years.