Rob Perkins

Technician - Guy Salmon Jaguar Northampton


Rob Perkins

How long have you worked for Sytner Group?

19 years.

How has your job changed in that time?

Advances in technology mean more cars can be worked on during the day & problems are solved quicker.

For someone who wanted to become a Technician, what key skills would they need?

Apart from product knowledge, a technician needs manual dexterity, common sense & a passion for customer service.

What is your favourite part of your job?

Job satisfaction is solving the problem.

Three words that sum up the people in your team?

Friendly, fun & helpful.

If you could take one item to a desert island what would it be?

Fishing Rod!

Things you like?

Red Wine…

I will never been seen without…

My wedding ring.

Favourite TV programme?


Favourite saying?

“That’s going to hurt in the morning!”