Tim Potter

Technician - Bentley Leicester

Dealership and brand

Bentley Leicester

How long have you worked for Sytner Group?

11 years.

How has your job changed in that time?

The communication with the manufacturer is more automated and the technology on the cars is gaining all the time with the use of more and more electronics.

For someone who wanted to become a technician, what key skills would they need?

To be interested in cars, have initiative and be enthusiastic, with lots of common sense.

What is your favourite part of your job?

Problem solving through diagnosis and logic.

Three words that sum up the people in your team?

Happy, fun, tea-drinking.

Favourite saying?

“Never say never!”

Hidden talents?

I’m still looking…

Things you like?

Motor sport & Motor bikes.

I will never been seen without…

My hair gel.

Favourite TV programme

Top Gear.

Unknown fact?

My Granddad was called Harry Potter!